Do you believe in a citizen legislature? My name is Lewis Gerhardt, I’m your neighbor, and I’d like to represent you in Olympia. Becoming involved in local issues and activism allowed me to educate myself in governmental affairs while working full time to support my family. I’ve observed the toll we pay for electing career politicians and special interest candidates. Citizen Governance begins with citizens willing to Stand and accept the responsibility of Public Service. Many of our neighbors paved the way through diligent work in neighborhood associations, proving We the Citizens, working together, can build a better community.
“There is no such thing as poor leadership, only the lack of it.” Leadership requires confident decision 
making, and I excel at that. Our neighbors asked that I step up to represent the people of the 49th 
District. If you will allow, I’ll diligently work for you, and the betterment of the 49th, Clark County and all 
of Southwest Washington.   
Now is the moment to return government to the people. We cannot limit civic duty to the few. Who do 
you want defending you and your rights? Who represents what’s best for your community?  Please 
answer with your vote. 
Vote for your neighbor, Vote Lewis Gerhardt